Showcasing Swordfish bill art


Original handcrafted and hand painted "One of a Kind" works of art.


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I custom create works of art on swordfish bills. Everything is done by hand by me.  I can take your trophy sword and turn it into an Original Art Masterpiece cleaned and preserved that will last for generations to come.      Dan Matthews

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Swordfish Eye Bone Art


Actual swordfish eye bone

Want something really unique to remember your big catch, save the eyes from your next sword.


Unique displays

Display is black coral and sinker cypress and art can be custom to your specifications. 

About my product

swordfish bill art

Starting the Cleaning process

Example of swordfish bills when I start the cleaning process.



I soak the swordfish bills in my proprietary solution for up to 2 months to remove as much natural oils as possible. 

swordfish bill art


It is important to let the swordfish bills dry completely before the sealing process starts.



The sealing process can take several weeks and is very important to insure all artwork becomes part of the actual swordfish bill art .

swordfish bill art

The Artwork

All artwork is hand drawn with archival India ink using a hairline nib. The shine at the top of the photo in the lettering is genuine Gold Leaf.

swordfish bill art


I hand brush all the coloring using urethane paints.  These paints are transparent and give that watercolor appeal. They are also pigmented, and will last for generations.

swordfish bill art

Finished product.

The artwork is sealed in layers and becomes part of the swordfish bill and will never fade, crack or peal. Can be displayed outside out of direct sunlight.

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